Mission Europe: Revisions

So due to recent developments I have revised my departure dates.  Instead of leaving in September, I am pretty sure I will be leaving around October 4th.  Therefore I am recalculating flight costs:

  • Turin, Italy——————- $1174
  • Lyon, France—————–$1019
  • Bremen, Germany———– $1168
  • Vienna, Austria————– $1196
  • Copenhagen, Denmark—— $1090
  • London, England————- $1001
  • Barcelona, Spain————– $990

I have also decided to remove Scotland from my possible destinations list.  Within the next week, I am going to try my hardest to find time to write emails and contact all the people who might host me, to find out which venues are actually available.

If anyone out there has any leads on culinary oriented courses, festivals or seminars available in any of the cities I mentioned, I would appreciate the information.  I am finding it increasingly difficult to find activities of this nature that I can participate in, that are offered in English or Spanish.  I would beinterested in anything concerning coffee, perhaps a barista course.  Any type of culinary class (baking, techiniques, regional cuisine) is also welcome.

I don’t want to blow my horn, but I am determined and eager.  I am good at what I do.  Any chefs looking for an apprentice would be wise to choose me.  I give everything a 110%, trying my hardest, always.

Thanks again for taking time to read about my mission.  Hope the weather is pleasant wherever you are!


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