Mission Europe: New Addition

Let me begin by apologizing… I know it has been weeks since my last update, but in my defense, I have been working hard on some translation jobs to cushion my Europe Fund.  I am happy to report that due to this current busy work wave I will manage to add about $300 or so to my fund by the end of this month!  Hopefully more will come!

So I have found no new updates about activities or costs of the Salone del Gusto 2010.  If anyone has any information please send it my way.  I have also found another Italian city I may be able to visit, Viterbo.  It has potential; I have already found 2 possible cooking demonstrations that cost 5o Euros each.  As this is a city that is off the mainstream path, I must investigate this further.

I have also turned my attention to a new festival that I am pretty sure I will be able to visit: Fiera del Tartufo in Alba, Italy.  This year will be the 80th edition.  Apparently it will take place every Saturday and Sunday from October 9th to November 14th.  I am still not sure what all it entails but promise to keep you posted.

I have been keeping up with my Italian courses, I am halfway through the email course and on audio file 14 of my podcast course.  Progress is slow but steady.  Even if I am not fluent by the time I travel to Italy, I will at least understand more than I would have, had I traveled before taking the courses.

Oh!  I also wrote to 2 establishments in Vienna, Austria for more information about their cooking classes, but have yet to receive an answer.  But Phoebe, if you are reading this, I hope you are fluffing cushions, because I am on my way! 🙂  I can’t wait!

I will be visiting Texas over summer vacation and looking into more opportunities to make money for my trip.  So forgive me for slacking, but please know that I am working hard, though I may not find the time to update as often.  I am still equally as excited.  I would like to visit other countries and explore other cuisines, so any tips would come in handy.  I am open to any kind of culinary related activity.  My only request is that wherever I go there be a couch in exchange of home-cooked meals and some culinary activity nearby that I can participate in.

Until next time, which will hopefully be sooner than later…. Sleep well and dream of me in Europe!  🙂


2 responses to “Mission Europe: New Addition

  1. Best wishes in raising money for your travels.

  2. All the best! Sorry i havent replied to you about that sushi story. I just recently moved to a new place, i have 20subjects at uni and another big project ill let u kmow more about soon, crazy days. So i havent been able to look into that. But i havent forgotten, so as soon as these 2 weeks are over ill get back to u.

    Good luck with the fund raising (and that alice party…sounds fun).


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