Mission Europe: Quick Update

I know this is unacceptable… I left everyone hanging with no updates for several weeks and now I am updating twice in 2 days.  This will only take a moment…

I wrote to the Slow Food organization to inquire about the Salone del Gusto festival and ask when there will be more information available…  Apparently they will be releasing the information after the press conference intended for May 20th!  So I will have more to say about that when that time comes.  A special thanks to Manuela Fissore for being so quick to answer my questions, it has been a great help! 🙂

Also I have a new more steady translating job opportunity that will add some more money to my fund, so I have to stay on that over the next few days to secure the job.

I would also like to say hello, how are you and thank you to anyone who is reading my blog.  Its nice to know that people out there support my mission or find it interesting enough to read about from time to time.  So take care!  I will write again soon…. I hope… 🙂


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