Mission Europe: Joyful New Developments

Hello again!  I felt this update to be long overdue…  I have waited to write until I had new information, which I now have in abundance!  The Salone del Gusto 2010 finally held their press conference and published all the information about the festival activities!  While there is still information they will publish in the following months, most of the courses, demonstrations and conferences are now bookable online!

The taste workshops include tastings and discussions about everything from wine or oysters to reindeer or cajun cocktails!  The Theater of Taste offers demonstrations of Icelandic cuisine and Kaiseki Cuisine, among others.  There are also conference type meetings with specialists on whiskey and wine techniques.  Those are just some of the highlights, but they don’t even begin to cover all of the activities.  I am SO excited!

I have estimated that I will need about $500 just for the festival (to participate in courses and the entry fee).  I have also decided I will apply for a Slow Food membership card because it will help me save anywhere from $50 to $100.  Much to my dismay my chef idol (Feran Adria) will not be one of the celebrity chefs teaching or imparting knowledge.  I believe he participated in the last festival.  However a former student of his will be the center of a couple activities, which is something I intend to look into.

I have already made a list of the activities I like the most.  I need to get my Slow Food membership card and then I can book all of the activities I want to participate in.  I am happy to say I have found a host in Turin, Italy through couch surfing.  His name is Luca Sergio Viara.  I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect host.  He is a chef in his early 30’s, owns the restaurant Boja Fauss and co-owns the catering service Gastronomica.  I am very excited to meet him and check out his restaurant.

I have many more things to share, but I will save them for a later time.  If I told you everything now, would you continue to read my updates?  ha ha ha…

If anyone has any tips or leads about culinary courses of any sort in London, Munich or Vienna, please let me know.

Until next time!


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