Mission Europe: Apologies

I must extend my deepest apologies, to my few and far-between readers for having such a long lapse between my last post.   Honestly I didn’t have any new developments and was reluctant to bore you with irrelevant anecdotes.  I have also been on a vacation of sorts for the last 6 weeks and though the trip did not provide me with the financial gain I hoped for, it was productive nonetheless, even if just to refresh my spirits.

I indulged in many a culinary caper.  I feasted on everything from cactus and fried pickles to sorghum syrup to fried cheesecake.  I visited many towns and spent many hours in grocery stores and antique shops.  Delighted at finding my adventurist spirit renewed, I was overjoyed to receive my Slow Food membership 2 days after arriving home.  So I am now official and can book all the courses from the festival I want to take.

I will now focus on finding locations to visit, at the moment I have decided upon Vienna (Austria), but still have not found a class to attend or partake in.  I have also decided on Turin (Italy), where the opportunities just keep growing.  I am considering London and am open to suggestions.  Show me a place with a couch and a culinary experience and I will be there.  So dear readers, if you have any ideas at all, float them my way.

I hope over the following weeks I will have more news to add, if only to comment on using my newest culinary acquisitions.

Until next time!


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