Mission Europe: Seeking Sponsors

Here is my proposal:

As most of you know I am planning a trip to Europe in the following months.  I have been working hard to save up enough money to take culinary classes while overseas.  I realize that I am shorter on funds than I would like to be and that there are several classes I could take if I had more money.  I have decided to request sponsors for my trip.  While no-string-attached donations are welcome 😉 , I offer the following: If you make a donation to my trip of $10 or more, upon my return I will organize a dinner to show off my skills and thank my sponsors.  So if you can choose to skip McDonald’s, the popcorn at the movies, that extra beer at the bar or going out for a fancy bite to eat this week and donate what you would spend to my trip, I will add you to my list of sponsors.  Also if you would like to make a significantly larger donation, I will be more than happy to host a private dinner for you upon my return.  You can donate via a bank transfer (for those living in Costa Rica or with international bank accounts) or a cash donation in the mail (overseas sponsors (who will receive a very grateful IOU).  Just be sure to give me a heads up regarding your contribution, so I can double check it.  Thank you to all those who support my extended education and dedication to my profession.


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