Mission Europe: Latest Progress

Fasten your seat belts… I have made jumps and strides since my last post!

I bought my plane ticket to Europe as well as all of my domestic inter-country flights.  I arrive in London on October 6th and return to Costa Rica on November 12th… So I will be staying a little longer than a month, less than I originally wanted to, but I am going to Europe all the same!  I will in the United Kingdom for a total of 12 days (separated in 2 different stays), Italy for a total of 16 days and Austria for a total of 12 days.

I booked all of my activities for the Salone del Gusto in Italy.  I will be learning about Nordic cuisine, modern Italian cocktails, honeys, champagnes and salts.  I will be listening to important chefs including Eneko Atxa, Kylie Kwong and Agostino Perrone.  I will have a chance to taste beer jelly, wild rose ketchup and even drink confiscated mafia wines!  Between all of my activities I can partake in additional conferences, watch culinary related films and taste different ingredients from around the world.

While in London I will take a Tea Masterclass at Teanamu. I have been in touch with the owner, Pei, who is delightful and accommodating. I am very excited to meet him and take the class! I also booked a French Macaroon course at Angela Malik Cook School. I have always wanted to learn to make French Macaroons; they look so delicate and tasty!

I am still trying to pin down some cooking courses in Vienna… Following some leads on Indonesian cuisine at Prosi Exotic supermarket… I have found a couch surfer who has offered to teach me a plethora of recipes I cannot even pronounce! I will have to do an entirely separate post with that info…  Stay tuned for more information and later on pictures and comments throughout my trip.

A very special thanks to my growing group of sponsors!


2 responses to “Mission Europe: Latest Progress

  1. Hi Chandler

    Thank you for your kind words. I am very much looking forward to share tea with you!

    teanamu – eat.drink.tea

  2. Good luck bella!!!!! I hope you enjoy Europe…it’s magic… I wish I could go with you!! Besos!!

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