Mission Europe: Underway

Well mission Europe has had its ups and downs and it hasn’t even been 48 hours yet!  Before I start I would like to say Thank You too all my sponsors!  I arrived at the San Jose, Costa Rica airport 2 hours before departure, after eating an incredibly large egg-cheese-ham-bacon-sausage sandwich.  I made sure to have a large breakfast in hopes it would tide me over through my Atlanta, Georgia layover until dinner on my later flight to London.  I arrived at the check in desk to find my flight had been delayed at least 2 hours!  The kind woman behind the desk explained that because I would miss my London flight connection they would be offering me a complimentary hotel stay…   (On the inside I did my happy dance, why not look at the bright side of things?  A free night in a hotel!)  Then much to my dismay, her co-worker corrected her and informed me I would be able to make my connection.  With a sigh and a smile I was still happy with the free lunch voucher I was offered for my inconvenience (I just hoped I would be able to digest the monster sandwich I had for breakfast in time to enjoy a free meal).  I sat for 3 hours in the Costa Rica airport unable to access the internet and now with a shorter layover in Atlanta, I decided it was probably not worth paying $5 for an hour or so of internet access.  I instead decided to hunt down a Starbucks.

Ah yes, Starbucks, my beloved travel friend.  Starbucks, my airport layover love affair.  You can say it’s overrated, overpriced, not really coffee…  Say whatever you like…  We all have guilty pleasures, one of mine just happens to come piping hot in a to-go cup.  I drink that silky caffeine fix with smile on my face, unashamed of my whip cream mustache.  I savor it and it is good.  During my journeys, I sip that java goodness, close my eyes and drift off…   And that is how I sleep at night (ok I don’t really sleep, I am actually wired for the next several hours, but…)  I approached the Starbucks cashier…  She said “Welcome, what can I get you?”  I placed my order, picked it up at the counter and whispered…  “Hello, Caramel Machiatto.  We meet again.”

Arriving in London I became acquainted with the public transportation system.  I did almost take the wrong tube (or as non-londoners would say: subway) but managed to get off in time.  A kind gentleman helped me haul my luggage up 2 flights of stairs.  I ask for directions 3 times and finally understand how to find a London address… I hope!  I found the home of my first ever couchsurfing host!  Alex MacCaw is delightful and his home is lovely!  Most of the homes are quaint little brick buildings and his is particularly endearing with a storybook style doorknob in the center of the door.  I have already acclimated to the time change, took a quick walk around the neighborhood and photographed a few things.  Mission Europe is now in FULL SWING.


Stay Tuned!



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