Mission Europe: French Macaroons

I found my second cookery class in London, much easier than the first.  I was quite happy to arrive early.  The sunny face of my soon to be instructor greeted me with a lovely smile and cute accent.  She introduced herself as Bethany and we sat and conversed in the spice scented shop awaiting the other students.  Two men walked in with a gentle manner and quizzical glances around the store.  Bethany led us to the kitchen were we began our class.

She started off by reassuring us that while macaroons have a notorious reputation for being quite complicated, if we paid close attention we would learn they are not as diffidult as they may appear.  We began whisking egg whites and became aquainted with each other over the sound of whirring machinery.  Once we progressed into piping the macaroons, some friendly joking ensued over the shapes or techniques used with the chocolate batter.

Eagerly awaiting to fill our macaroons we sampled a dark chocolate ganache filling and a salted caramel filling, both absolutely scrumptious.  The class breezed by and we all did very well considering no one had any prior macaroon experience.  We took many pictures, shared laughter and enjoyed eating our creations, when we thought no one was looking.  It was a lovely experience and I hope to be able to take another class from Bethany in the future.

The class was simple, fun and interesting.  We all left with gift wrapped boxes and bags of the delicate cookies to entice our friends and family.  A delightful way to finish my first week in London.  Thank you, Bethany!


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