Mission Europe: Salone del Gusto

It was a Thursday.  A chilly day.  It was a chilly Thursday morning in Turin and the beginning of a new journey…

I arrived at Salone del Gusto in my brand new chef coat, my spoon purse and an eagerness that could have filled a room.  The man at the gate scanned my ticket and gave me the motion to proceed inside.  I entered the hallway to Salone del Gusto, took a few steps, located a map of the pavilions and approached pavilion number 1.  I believe my eyes opened so wide, it actually hurt a bit.  The festival was HUGE, immense… For the next 20 minutes I walked around in complete awe.  Much like a child when it first encounters an unfamiliar animal, I was giddy, nervous and overwhelmed all at once.  I proceeded directly to the little girl’s room to find my bearings.  I glanced at my reflection in the mirror, reminded myself to act professionally, took a few deep breaths and set out to explore Salone del Gusto 2010.

I decided it would be best to withdraw my class tickets and figure out where each class was to be held.  After an hour of standing in line, practicing my Italian, copying down a schedule which terribly reminded me of high school and locating each class room, I walked over to Pavilion 3 (one of 2 Italian pavilions).  I devised a simple system to start at one end and methodically work my way to the other, so as not to miss a single stall.  All of my senses were delightfully assaulted by rich aromas, colorful labels, foreign accents and unusual textures.  Every inch of my body tingled with excitement.  I felt like a kid in a candy store.

I checked my watch and scurried off to my first class.  I altered the table arrangement by setting my camera in place and turning my notebook to a fresh page.  The course which ensued was so incredibly interesting and diverse (as all of my courses so far have proven to be) that I promptly concluded that each class I took would receive a separate post in my blog (so stay tuned!).  Filled with new information and enthusiasm, I left class with a smile and was stopped on my way back to Pavilion number 3 by a blogger and journalist who seemed very interested in me.  Amused that I was so young and (hopefully) impressed that I was enrolled in 14 classes over the next 5 days, they interviewed me and snapped a photograph or two.  Light as air I continued to explore Salone del Gusto.

My first day was tiring, but exciting and well worth the trip.  I gave out several business cards (which I hope lead to future business relationships), smelled a citrus body perfume that made me dream of owning a yard full of lemon trees and wore at least 1/4 of an inch of rubber off the soles of my tennis shoes.  I blissfully collapsed back at home, exhausted from the emotion and dreamed of wonderful experiences to come.


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