Mission Europe: Agostino Perrone – The Italian Job

I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I booked the Italian cocktail class with Agostino Perrone. I am not sure that even if I had known if it would have made a difference. The class started late, but began with an apology for the delay from Agostino. He explained with a smile that true Italians are never on time. He announced he would be directing the workshop in English because he appreciated having so many attendees travel from afar for the workshop.

The class had a lot more technical information than I anticipated, but I was very grateful for it and eager to learn. Between terms including “rossato” and “cold filtration” and small anecdotes about the history of various Italian liquors, I felt a bit out of my element. I acclimated quickly thanks to the smooth details provided courtesy of Agostino. I have always wondered why people forget that bartending is an art and it occurred to me it is because there are a lack of bartenders and mixologists such as Agostino Perrone.

He made the workshop educational but never boring. All of the information was accessible and he did not take for granted that everyone in the audience had previous knowledge of the cocktail world. The workshop was fun and light hearted. The time spent felt much like a gathering among friends. I noticed people commenting to each other about each cocktail, observed how at ease the panel was in conversation and delighted at the enthusiasm of our host. The Italian Job was peppered with quirky comments, silly jokes and even a little dance. Agostino Perrone proved to be a jovial young man, whose lively spirit filled the room.

As I took notes and the workshop came to an end I thought to myself that Agostino probably does quite well for himself in the cocktail world. Handsome and not at all hard to swoon over while holding a cocktail, I am quite sure a woman or two has visited his bar just for his smile; but after glimpsing his skill and passion I am convinced most people visit him because he is good at what he does. I love meeting people that not only love what they do but are good at it as well.

Thank you Agostino! It was fun! See you in London!


2 responses to “Mission Europe: Agostino Perrone – The Italian Job

  1. Ciao Bella! Did Agosto ever post the cocktails recipes?
    Hope all is well!
    Judith & Jeff

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