Mission Europe: Vienna Sightseeing

I did a lot of sightseeing in Austria.  Each day I set out I had to look up all the locations on the local transport website to figure out how to get there and then have my friend Phoebe write down the names and draw a map.  Since everything was in German, I wasn’t taking any chances of getting lost.  I walked around, trained around and bused around.  Vienna was a very architecturally driven city.  I learned and experienced how traditional a country, Austria was.

Armed with my camera and snacks I set out to explore what there was to see.  I tread across historic streets, visited many monuments and even stopped by an amusement park.  The weather was crisp a pleasant, a true autumnal experience.  My favorite season happens to be Autumn and in Vienna, it was beautiful.  I heard that Vienna is the place to be at Christmas time, I guess that gives me another reason to return.

I took tons of photos.  I was determined not to be deterred from being in my own photos, though I was sightseeing solo (for the most part, but not always).  Autotimer is a lovely setting.  I did a lot of people watching during my sightseeing, especially in parks or food markets.  The food markets were colorful and bustling.  The smells of the city were fantastic, fresh baked goods in the morning and fresh air at night.  I enjoyed touring my way around Vienna.  It is a lovely city.



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