Mission Europe: Happy 2011 & Sponsor Dinner Info

Allow me to wish all my readers a Happy New Year!  Mine has gotten off to a lovely start.  I practiced some recipes from my Europe trip and set many new goals.    Just to keep everyone updated as to what I am doing before I reveal my new project…  While planning my trip to Europe I realized that my financial funds fell short of many activities I wanted to participate in.  I decided to seek sponsors for my trip and posted a proposal.  In the proposal I offered to organize a dinner for any and all sponsors who donated $10 or more to my cause.   I have drafted the final menu for the event and am very excited about it!  I will reveal the menu to my blog readers after the event, because I want it to be a surprise for my sponsors.  I will say that if everything goes according to plan, it will be a night to remember.  So as of now I am designing items for the dinner, I already have the place picked out and a staff to help me.  So again, to all of my sponsors…Thank You!  I cannot wait to show you my stuff at dinner!

Stay Tuned!


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