Mission Europe: Sponsor Dinner

I planned my sponsor dinner for weeks…. I wanted it to be just perfect. My goal was to make dishes and recipes I had learned during my trip and showcase the best of each place I visited. I couldn’t decide on one single dish for each meal course so I split each one into 3 parts! Typical me. I designed menus for the event, asked that everyone arrive in formal attire, borrowed table linens and asked a friend to help me cook and serve.

I spent 3 days preparing food for my sponsor dinner. I finished tiding up our soon to be dining room and was still getting ready when my first guest arrived. I dimmed the lights, lit candles, pressed play on my song list for the evening and ushered him into the waiting area. Most of my guests got lost on the way to the restaurant but in the end everyone found it and made it just in time for the appetizer. I uncorked my bottle of Moscato wine and requested everyone raise their glass to a round of cheers, cincins and prosts!

All the dishes turned out just as I expected if not better in some cases. I was pleasantly surprised with myself and my guests’ reactions. Everyone cleaned their plates (always a good sign) amid friendly conversation and whimsical anecdotes about my trip. I was delighted to see everyone getting along as many of them were freshly acquainted.

So in short, my sponsor dinner was a success. I managed to make all the dishes on my menu without any problems. My sponsors were talkative and hungry. The evening was delightful. We finished it off with my favorite beverage from my entire trip which I managed to perfect the day before my dinner. I set up a coffee bar and served Marocchinos with shots of mineral water…Oh, Italy! How I miss you! My sponsors left full and smiling.

I hope they all support me on my next venture. Who knows? Maybe my group of sponsors will continue to grow. Thank you again to all of those who supported me! This concludes Mission Europe theoretically, but in essence…Mission Europe is now ingrained into my culinary identity and I cannot wait for what comes next!

As always…stay tuned!


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