Underground Cooking Club: Slow but steady

Greetings dear readers…  I know it has been a while since I wrote or at least that is how it feels.  I have been so very busy getting everything in order for my current project (the underground cooking club) that January seems to have come and gone without so much as a blip on my radar.

I am pleased to also announce I have taken on a culinary school administrator position that is also keeping my fingers glued to my computer to create curriculums and recipes.  But not everything is work…at least not of the computer variety.  I have officially hosted 2 Underground Cooking Club events, not counting the two dress rehearsals….

I test drove the class system and equipment with my sisters and a friend.  On the official first day I completed a Asian Inspired menu with several adult participants and was very satisfied with the youngsters from my Junior Chef division that were quite excited to learn about Italian food.  All the dishes tasted fantastic, the students left with full tummies and the kids were still giggling about learning how to make calzones (which means underwear in Spanish).

I have spent weeks preparing for February and I do hope the response and interest continues to grow.  Wish me luck!  I will keep you all posted as to how the classes are going.  Perhaps if you stay tuned I will even entertain you all with a few culinary experiments.

So in short I am off to a slow but steady start and hope to see many of you during my journey.

Until next time…


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