February Brings Work and a Little Wodkatopf

So February has crept up on me and found me quite busy.  I have been working very hard to set up the schedule for my Underground Cooking Club classes this month and build a clientele base.  The process is a long and slow one, but steadily making progress.  I have spent days typing up recipes and curriculums for my future students.

I decided to try a recipe/project that I learned of in Austria.  A woman by the name of Heidi, who I can only describe as delightful, explained a family tradition in a mix of German and English that I have decided to adopt.  The recipe is called ‘Rumtopf’.  According to internet research Rumtopf (German for Rum Pot) is a mixture of fruits, rum and sugar stored and matured for months.  The way Heidi explained it sounds so much better.  “One fruit in January and rum and zucker.  New fruit in February, different fruit in März.  More rum if you need, so and so all year until Christmas and you eat.”

Unfortunately I am off to a late start, but finally have found the time to start my own version of Rumtopf.  First I had to choose a seasonal fruit that I like, which is much more complicated than it sounds, seeing as I am such a fruit enthusiast!  To my delight, there seemed to be a city wide surplus of one of my favorites: Nectarines!  The plump rosy orbs inspired me to take step number two.  I had to purchase a container.  I bought a large glass jug of sorts with a red top and then proceeded to buy alcohol.

Although the original recipe is made with rum, I happened upon budget priced vodka, which I am sure is not as good as doing this whole thing with rum, but I am confident it will still work.  So instead of a Rumtopf, I am making a Wodkatopf.  I began my project with camera ready and a bowl of freshly washed nectarines waiting to be sliced.  I cut each fruit in eight pieces, discarding the seeds.  I placed the nectarines in the container, sprinkled them with sugar and poured in the vodka.  A shutter snap or two later, my Wodkatopf was underway and stored in a dark cool place.

So dear readers, I hope February brings big things for us all.  I hope to have more to report soon, regarding both my classes and my Wodkatopf.

Take Care!


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