Laugh, love, live and yes, eat…

I have been accused more than once of living a life that revolves around food.  I beg to differ.  I am passionate about what I do, I love my job and I love how much pleasure I can exact from it.  I am a lucky person that gets to go to work and play, return home and play some more.  I am very fortunate indeed.  But before you accuse me of using the culinary world as the sun to my orbiting self, allow me to explain a few things.

I take extreme pleasure in each detail of my day.  I lay in bed each morning after sleep finally gives way to daytime thoughts and stretch until I feel approximately an inch taller.  I take long hot showers and enjoy feeling how my body relaxes.  I take extra time to brush my teeth and giggle at my imitation of a rabies infected dog.  The details in life are important, especially the little ones we take for granted each day.

The last few weeks I have been inspired daily by many occurrences ranging from the unfortunate to the blatantly random.  Sans umbrella Mother Nature provided me the chance to walk down a city street last week literally drenched and singing in the rain.  Why, just Tuesday, I got so caught up in writing a short story while riding public transportation, that I missed my stop by about 8 blocks!  I was all warmed up for dance class by the time I arrived!  A day later, my own accident-proneness left me partially limping and nursing my right arm in a makeshift sling.  I took advantage of the inconvenience by tackling a worthy opponent at one of my favorite games, backgammon, only using my inept left hand and losing miserably.

My last few weeks have been pleasantly graced with gorgeous sunsets, rainy afternoons and an overall feeling of appreciating how good life truly is.  So now back to the whole ‘I-live-for-food’ nonsense.  Yes, I love to cook and eat, not quite sure which comes first… perhaps it depends on when you ask me.  But I love to cook and dive into the culinary world of exploration because of all the great things that come out of it.  I watch people who have had bad days almost come back to life with just a bite of something particularly tasty.  I see an aroma drift in the air until right under someone’s nose it creates a smile.  I notice how food brings people together and how it encourages them to share a bit of themselves.  Food is present in times of love, comfort and sorrow.  So yes, I love the whole food world and everything about it.

I adore the quiet of the kitchen before the whole process starts and the clamor of stainless steel, steam and feet shuffling about creating delicious goodies.  I love how it feels to feel a sharp blade cut through all kinds of different textures and how with one swift movement all my senses become alert.  I do not live for food; I live for the moments it creates.  I live for watching someone close their eyes in utter satisfaction as their taste buds explore my creation.  I live for that moment where the quietest person lets out the softest sigh from no longer being hungry and affirming the saying that people feel much better on a full stomach.  I crave those moments where inspiration flows from my mind to my hands to the ingredients I touch and ends up on a plate that I can’t decide whether to eat, share or photograph.

But do not misunderstand me.  I live my entire life this way…  At least as much as possible.  Each bite of every dish is just as important to me as each detail and occurrence between meals.  So, readers please think of me today and take a moment…   Take a moment to breathe deep after it rains and smell how fresh the earth is.  Take a moment to close your eyes as you sip your beverage at lunch and appreciate how it rolls down your tongue like a river.  Take a moment to stretch in front of your computer and pay close attention to how each muscle moves.  I for one am going to appreciate the bounties of nature today in the form of pears.  I promise more details soon.

As we get older and each day goes by it sadly seems to get easier to lose that zest for life.  I hope I never get that old, but I am not too worried, seeing as I am still approximately 5 years old at heart and many times in mind.

So laugh, love, live and yes, eat.

Until next time…

These beauties are destined for greatness...


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