Wodkatopf Gets the Party Started

I know many of you all must be wondering what happened to my whole Wodkatopf experiment.  I wondered what fruit would be appropriate for the final layer in the jar of fruity goodness.  I happened upon some golden kiwis in the local grocery, which for those of you who do not know, are quite the rarity in Costa Rica.  I walked past the golden kiwis once, doubled back, looked at them weighing the possible pros and cons…I gave the kiwis a shrug and proceeded to purchase about 3 of them.

I took the kiwis home and peeled them, sliced them, diced them and even nibbled a few of them.  My camera caught every possible angle; I uploaded the photos to my external hard drive and then played the waiting game.  2 weeks later I lugged the Viennese spirit jar to the restaurant and opened it for a small tasting session with some of my cherished colleagues.

I served a spoonful of fruit in a bowl and a shot glass full of cloudy rose-tinted liquor.  In a nutshell, Wodkatopf is sweet, strong, pungent and fruity.  I observed the guys tasting the Wodkatopf and waited for feedback.  This was the important moment in the experiment.  It was important to find out how strong the mixture got after 6 months, if the flavors layered or meshed and whether it could be implemented for some other use in the future.

In summary, I basically made fruit flavored moonshine, chicha or kick-you-in-the-teeth juice (depending on how you look at it).  The reactions varied from wide eyes, to licked lips to strong coughs and exhales.  We attempted to light the fruit on fire…  I mean flambé the fruit, seeing as we were professionals and all.  The experiment was far from a complete success but even farther from a complete failure.

With a few ingredient tweaks, time modifications and culinary considerations, the Wodkatopf could be stellar.  So in short I would say, the experiment went well.  I learned quite a bit.  But if you ask me what the Wodkatopf tasted like…It tasted like potential.

Stay tuned for the next project…

Kiwi prior to mutilation

Golden interior design

Slices of sun on a plate


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