The Aloha Adventure: A Smorgasbord of Opportunities

After 26 hours of travel, sleeping intermittently in the Miami airport, losing and then finding my favorite hat and unexpectedly checking in to the Admiral’s Club on August 26th I arrived in Honolulu, Hawaii.

I met two very nice individuals during my journey to Oahu. I finished an entire book and even took a shower (one of the best one’s I have ever had, I might add). Up in the air I pondered this new beginning I was embarking on, I stepped off the plane, waited for my luggage and then hoped my new landlord who offered to pick me up wouldn’t forget.

Oahu unfolded before me with a smorsgasbord of delightful opportunities and interesting occurrences. From worldly cuisines to mountaintop views, cultural festivals to unexpected job offers and all sorts of pleasant surprises in between…

So far I have met a world traveler, rode a bus with a woman of controversial moral choices, was hired by a quick-talking-fame-claiming Italian New Yorker, eaten things I can barely pronounce, been towed by land and by sea, gotten terribly lost and taken 1144 photographs.

The aloha adventure is well underway… I am exploring, learning, meeting, growing, investigating, enjoying…but most importantly living a wonderful experience. I have been at this for two weeks now and I am sure you all are wondering where all the details and photos are…

Perhaps I should start from the beginning… Stay tuned!

Soaking up the aloha vibes


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