Mission Europe 2: Initial Game Plan

Wiser and bolder, the second time around my visit to Salone del Gusto and exploration through Europe will prove even more fruitful than the first time. I hope to stay for a minimum of 6 weeks possibly 12 or more.

Education Opportunities
  • Internship with a cooking school (already confirmed)
  • Internship with a catering service (already confirmed)
  • Classes and networking at Salone del Gusto Festival
  • Exploring and Networking at Italian Culinary Festivals
  • Classes in England
Essentials Needed Prior to Trip
  • New uniforms
  • Business cards

Just to give you an idea of what I plan to do:

Italian Culinary Festivals Summary
  • White truffle festival
  • Festival of forgotten fruits
  • Seafood festival
Salone del Gusto Summary
  • Amount of products/exhibitors to be seen: 336 (more are being added weekly)
  • Classes I intend to take: 24
  • Average class cost: $25
Chefs and Professionals
Among the people who I hope to take classes from, network with, meet and hopefully make friends with:
Class Topics
Some of the topics I hope to learn about in the classes I will take at the festival:
  • Ice Cream
  • Olive oils
  • Indian cuisine
  • Spices
  • Modern cooking techniques
  • Fermentation (breads, cheeses, wines)
  • Japanese fermentation (sake, miso, soy sauce)
  • American microbreweries
  • Yucca
  • Brazilian cuisine
  • Albanian cuisine and artisan products
  • Water buffalo and by products
  • Lavazza espresso and desserts
  • Cooking with and pairing with beer
  • Peruvian cuisine
  • Mexican cuisine
  • Swedish cuisine
  • Sourcing local products
  • Chinese pot stickers
  • Cocktails and mixology
  • Venezuelan cuisine
Total cost for attending festival: approximately $750


Approximate Mission Europe Costs
Duration 6 – 12 weeks (or longer)
  • Uniforms: $200
  • Business Cards: $50
  • International Flights: $1200
  • Inter-country Flights: $200 – $500 (dependent on countries I am able to visit)
  • Ground Travel: $200
  • Salone del Gusto: $750
  • Other Classes: $250
  • Meals: $500
GRAND TOTAL: $3350 – $3650 *I am working on ways to spend less 🙂

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