Mission Europe: Take Two – Back to Square One

So as a refresher to steady readers and a newsflash of sorts to new readers, the original Mission Europe was a plan I set out to accomplish in 2010 to expand and improve my culinary education.  The entire trip revolved around a concept and festival called Slow Food.  I traveled to Europe and took 21 culinary classes, did a 2 week internship at Boja Fauss Restaurant, met numerous chefs and changed the course of my culinary career.

Since my return I have started my own company, called The Underground Cooking Club, which is slowly but steadily becoming successful.  I also embarked on another culinary education trip to Hawaii and acquired vast amounts of culinary knowledge as well as creating valuable professional networks and cherished friendships.

The incredible people behind Slow Food have finally published the dates and activities for their next big festival: Salone del Gusto 2012 (October 25 – 29).  I aim to visit the festival, no longer a slow food rookie and make the most out of the experience.

I have been working hard, planning the trip, reconnecting with professionals I met the first time around, saving money, renewing my slow food membership and making game plans.  In the past I have requested assistance from people interested in sponsoring me so that I can do more and go farther.  This time is no different.  I have tried different methods to encourage or reward sponsors: dinners, fund raisers, gifts, acknowledgment, etc.  Having learned from past experiences, I have a new method I would like to try.  Here is my proposal:

I have taken the time to make a detailed game plan which you can read about here.  I will be making changes to the game plan as necessary.

If you feel like what I do is worthy of and within your means of supporting, if you can choose to skip the popcorn at the movies or that extra beer at the bar, if you enjoy browsing through my travel photography or if you are just looking a new story to follow…

Please Sponsor Me.

I cannot offer to cook a dinner for all of my sponsors, because usually they are in different countries.  So this time around, although no-string-attached contributions are welcome, I am willing to return the favor to the best of my ability.  So feel free to request any of the following (keeping in mind the cost of the “reward” and the amount of your contribution):

  • A postcard from a destination in my trip
  • A silly photo-op of your choice (I have no issue being a fool in public, but please keep requests within reason 😉 )
  • A personalized thank you in photo or video format
  • A spot in a booked cooking class at the Underground Cooking Club (general prices per person are about $30)
  • Free personal chef service (groceries not included) when I am in your town or you are in mine
  • Blog post on the topic of your choice (keeping in mind the blog is oriented towards culinary arts and travel)
  • Skype cooking class
  • …Other suggestions welcome!

I have the ability to receive contributions through a Costa Rica based bank account, a Hawaii based bank account, money wire (DHL, UPS, FEDEX) or mail.  Thank you for your consideration in this matter and tell your friends 🙂 !

Updates coming soon!  Until next time…


7 responses to “Mission Europe: Take Two – Back to Square One

  1. I have enjoyed following your blog. You are a great writer as well as a super chef, I am sure. I also appreciate your befriending my son Lorenzo R. in Hawaii. I wish you well and would like to make a small contribution to your
    trip. Can you send instructions/address? Best of luck, Beth

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