Mission Europe 2: Do I Dare?

Sometimes in life, situations arise and you must ask yourself…

“Do I dare?”

 Most people when faced with an opportunity ask themselves the wrong question:

“Can I risk it?”  “Should I do it?”  “What if it is the wrong choice?”


I sat down to assess my finances and project how much I thought I could add to my savings for Mission Europe. At the moment I have just under $1600. I expect that in a month or so I will have approximately $2200. Looking at it, I felt quite proud; almost halfway to my goal of at least $4000.

My main dilemma is not choosing whether to jump or not, it is deciding how far to actually jump. With money in hand decisions are easy; the list of things I would like to accomplish with Mission Europe becomes tangible. But without the money actually in my possession, it is a difficult call on which classes to book, which flights to choose, what travel dates to pick…

I am not worried about falling. Picking myself up from a tumble is something that rarely phases me and generally the cuts and bruises make for good tales. What concerns me is missing an opportunity, letting it pass or not being able to take it if it arises.

That being said…

 On June 24th I spent $608. It was a decision that required substantial amounts of serious contemplation, numerous deep breaths, a few giddy laughs, several bouts of talking to myself and a mental tango with an unopened wine bottle that remains unopened… A few clicks of the mouse, typed number combinations and several security checks later, it was official…

For $608 I now had a 5-day pass to the Salone del Gusto festival in Turin, Italy for this coming October and tickets to 25 classes!

So my update today is all about the festival. I booked 25 classes that range in topic from pastries to cheeses and cocktails to rice. I will participate in workshops with culinary minds from Peru, Mexico, Albania, Japan and Portugal just to name a few. I am working on getting new uniforms and business cards. I promise to keep you all posted about the newest developments regarding Mission Europe. I have high hopes there will be more awesomeness to report soon.

One thing I have noticed is that from all the intense planning along with the ridiculous work hours I am putting in, I need a mental break. Therefore I have been doing some Italian classes, recipe testing, blog following, and bucket list revising. In the interest of keeping this on topic, I will share more with ya´ll about that next time.

For now my answer is: I dare.

The question is: Do you?

Stay tuned…


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