Mission Europe 2: Why You Should Sponsor Me

Why should you sponsor me?  Because I am awesome.  Period.  I even have a shirt that says so.

I had hoped I could end my post with the previous introduction, yet while I know many of you will have personal epiphanies upon reading it, I also know some of y’all need me to argue my point a bit.  Anyone can say they are awesome, but are they really?

In all seriousness and semi-joking aside, when I request sponsors I make myself sit down, look at myself and my projects.  Then I must ask myself, if the roles were reversed would I want to sponsor me and what would make me want to do so.

Here are my thoughts on the matter.

I work hard.  I play harder.  I am driven and determined whether it be devouring a bag of gummi bears or jetting to another country.  I am persistent and stubborn but open-minded and open-armed to new experiences and lessons.

What I learn, I do not keep to myself selfishly, I share it.  I pass along techniques to colleagues to help update their knowledge, I exchange information with students so they can grow and I share recipes with friends so they can impress their friends.

I travel hungry.  Hungry for knowledge and novelty.  I do not flaunt years of experience or volumes of knowledge, I strive to stay humble.  I keep in mind that other than representing myself and my 2 countries, I also represent my sponsors.  Therefore, I ensure to project the best possible self-image so that both myself, my countries and sponsors can be proud.

Through my photography and my writing I make attempts to entertain while also documenting the happenings of my journey.  I am a shameless fool travelling to other lands.  I snap photos left and right.  I introduce myself to complete strangers.  I eat slowly, laugh loudly and enjoy profoundly.  The ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ lady has nothing on me.

Each day I wake up, there is one question and one question only.  “How awesome can today be?”  The only way to find out is to outdo the day before.

You may sponsor me because it is a nice thing to do or because you live vicariously through my travels.  You may even sponsor me because we have met and got along well.  I hope you sponsor me because you believe in the things I do, because you have read about my ongoing project with the International Poor Chef School or at the very least because you want me to help me accomplish bigger and better things.

Perhaps one day my readers will join me on one of my adventures.  I imagine our dialogue would begin something like this:

“What are we going to do tonight, Chandler?”
“The same thing we do every night, (insert your name here).   Try and make it more awesome than last night.”

Readers I hope this self-horn-tooting session, does not send you running, but makes you want to keep tabs on me in the upcoming weeks.  There are many adventures to come, new developments are happening as we speak.  I appreciate all the support I have received and know I will continue to receive during my upcoming trip.  I will be in touch soon!

Stay tuned…


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