Dreaming Big…

I get crazy lucky when I travel.  It seems like the most incredible situations occur, the most wonderful people cross my paths and memorable experiences occur by the dozens.  I think one of the reasons for that is that when I travel I embrace spontaneity with open arms and attempt to get up each day and really strive to make it more awesome than the day before.  In short, I want the most out of every minute of every day.

Returning home I know that while my mindset is the same it is a bit harder to keep that same rhythm.  Work and routine get in the way.  As soon as I notice them blocking my way, I shift and start again.  So I guess you could say regardless of where I go, what happens or which obstacles I encounter, I honestly believe I do my best to create the life I want to live.

So I discovered a new opportunity thanks to Lesley Carter.  A new mission if you will.  As usual I need your help.  In the past I have had sponsors that have graciously furthered my education with financial and moral support.  Each day I continue to be grateful for that.  The help I need this time around is a bit different.  I am entering a competition.  One that when I win it, will send me packing for 6 months to explore the world and share what I find.  So in a nutshell, exactly what I try to do every time I travel.

I will see over 20 countries, accomplish things on my bucket list and get to share it with more and more people.  Now I could sit here and tell you how badly I want to win…but I think entering the competition speaks for itself.  Let me tell you why I want to win.  I love to travel, but more than that I love to learn and discover new cultures.  At the end of 6 months the contest organizers give me $50,000.  That is a lot of dough and it would be the thing I need to start a business and lay out the groundwork for my IPCS Project.

Yes it would be amazing to travel that many places; it would be outstanding to be able to finally get my projects up and running… More than that, the contest winner is allowed to bring company for part of the trip if they wish.  I have 4 sisters and the youngest 2 have never left Costa Rica, never seen snow and never traveled with me.  My dream is at the end of the 6 months to make my destination somewhere awesome and snowy and take them skiing for the first time as a gift for Christmas this December.  I can already imagine the looks on their faces.

So the downside of this whole ordeal is the most voted people get chosen as finalists, now although this is pretty standard procedure, voting is only allowed through social media outlets including facebook, twitter, pinterest, stumble upon and google +1.  I am a social media dunce…I can learn though.  While I am learning how to keep up with modern social standards I am asking for help.

To vote you have to share the video I made.  Each share regardless of social forum counts as 1 vote.  That means if you have a facebook account, twitter account and one on pinterest, that would total 3 votes.  Please check out my video on the website and share it with everyone you know, call in those favors and I will be eternally grateful.

I figure that if people can share my video as much as they share things they find on pinterest, photos they take on instagram or pages they like on facebook, I have a pretty good chance.  I look forward to sharing what I hope to see and do on my trip with you all.

Stay tuned…


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