Mission Europe 2: The Veritable Mad Scientist of Cocktails

Dario Comini is an energy force.  One to be reckoned with at that.  If you can picture the kind of man it would take to run a bar built on a willy-wonka-esque mindset combined with knowledge of multiple culinary fields and mix in the rambunctiousness of a 2 year old with the smile of a child making new friends…you would begin to have a picture of the experience that was the workshop that I took with Signore Comini.

I am still wondering how I managed to stay in my seat.  Each cocktail presented to us entailed a new explanation, thought process and theatrical production.  We began with a cocktail that paid tribute to a television series named Dexter.  One I was both familiar with and fond of.  The Halloween loving child in me squealed with delight (not so quietly, I might add) when she realized that latex gloves had to be worn, a medical bag had to be sliced open and a miniature pocket knife would serve as a souvenir post drinking.

The cocktail was scrumptious.  Dario Comini, the self-proclaimed bar-chef, has a respect for the past and the future in such a way that they balance perfectly to create cocktails that become experiences not just because they are a little on the quirky side but also because they are delicious.  From flambé techniques to aroma perception discussions, the workshop was a whirlwind of information.  There was even an absinthe pill compared to an aerated absinthe cocktail which was created with an aquarium pump…As I mentioned before…it was madness!

Dario Comini is a man of big hand gestures, a quick wit and a passion that is hard not to fall prey to.  He also does one heck of a bubble impression.  His workshop was the best possible way for me to finish off the workshop portion of my visit at Salone del Gusto.  I would take another class with him without a second thought and hope to enjoy an evening in his establishment if I am ever in Milan.  I ended my last class with a smile on my face, a spring in my step (in part due to the alcohol I am sure) and brain neurons in a heated cocktail discussion.  Thank you Dario Comini.


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