Blog Boggled

This blogging thing 3 years after starting still feels completely new to me.  A recent chain of events left me feeling… amused?  staggered?  incredulous?  I am still searching for a proper word to describe it.

I am always checking the freshly pressed page for new things to read and have come across many of the writers I now follow in that fashion.  I have wondered what it must be like to be featured on Freshly Pressed…  I believe I got a glimpse of it two weeks or so ago.  I decided to write about 2 local food related festivals, seeing as I have written so much about such things overseas.  My article was shared on one of the festival’s websites and just like that my blog statistics page showed over 1072 views on a single day!

Now I realize that for bloggers with a more copious number of followers than mine, that may sound like a small number, especially since that is not reflective of the number of people that visited my blog (which was about 140) but more of how many pages or times pages I wrote were visited.  Nonetheless I was floored.  The following day I had very high view counts as well, almost 700…  It hit me like a ton of bricks that tons of people had read my article, sifted through pictures and had enough interest to continue on to read another article or two.  It felt…really, really good.

Since then the numbers have whittled back down to the usual range of 5 – 50 views a day, many from google photo searches it appears.  So with that small taste I realized it would be cool if I had people read my posts more frequently.  I was flattered so many read that article and I hope to write something that peaks that sort of interest again in the future.

A week later I participated in a monthly blogging event, my first ever, called Our Growing Edge.  It pushed me to try something I have been meaning to do for over a year, it garnered commentary from 2 new readers which was also a very neat feeling and it made me feel like an actual player in the blogging community.

The third event that lead me to write this post was a spam comment.  If you by chance read an article I wrote not long ago, you would know that spammers are my most notorious commentators and usually my only ones.  The comments range from unrelated to inappropriate, but this one struck a chord as not only inappropriately unrelated, but also completely nonsensical.  So much that I will quote it for y’all: “Condoms and femidoms can slip or tear or a long-term partner can.  There are great deal of Websites that are providing Amateur Video Chat Services.  Whilst Lil Wayne has been handcuffed with a police car, a variety of his belongings is spread on the hood including a packet of Strapped Condoms.”  Ummm…ok?

Well this chain of events while trivial to most, was decidedly very important to me.  I realized that I really do write as if for myself and that may be why I do not have a huge following.  This realization also makes me extremely appreciative of the followers I have and flattered they enjoy my blogging gibberish.  I also realized that I would like to occasionally use my blog to participate in events or bring awareness to certain matters (something I will be doing in the next week or so).  I found a new level of distaste for spammers and their trickery leading me to believe 60 people commented on my writing this week.  I really wish they would leave the IPCSP alone.

I know I am an underdog in this blogging scene; evidence of which can be seen in the amount of votes I have in the competition I entered in comparison to other bloggers also hoping for a shot at the grand prize.  Even so, I continue to enjoy this and hope my readers do as well.  So on that note please check out my articles on the local festivals and my kitchen experiments for the blogging event if you haven’t already.  For now I will sign off as blog boggled.

Until next time…

Well hello there!

Well hello there!


4 responses to “Blog Boggled

  1. Personally I enjoy your blog a lot! It’s always interesting and uplifting!

  2. You should always write for yourself. Unless of course, you’re just writing for $$, then you write whatever your client wants you to write. For a blog, if you write about topics you are interested in and in your own voice, others will see that.

    Congrats on being Freshly Pressed and I hope you join Our Growing Edge again. It was really cool seeing it all come together in the first edition last month. I can’t wait to see the round up next month!

    • Thanks for your input. I agree that writers should write for themselves. I was not freshly pressed, I just figured the insane spike in viewers due to me publishing a local article must be similar in feeling.
      I look forward to participating in Our Growing Edge again. I have been checking out the other posts submitted and have enjoyed many of them quite a bit. Take Care!

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