I Lost My Books!

When I discovered the Lost Books Club I lost myself in daydreams of a world where one walks down the street and finds not abandoned books, but books purposefully left for others to find.  Each a world within itself, a set of loved pages and former walks through imagination.

The Lost Books Club is an initiative to promote reading worldwide.  To participate you choose a book or books to be “released” into the world.  The club asks that you take a moment to write a note with or in the book explaining that the book needs a temporary home and that once it has been read and loved, it should be put back out in the open for others to enjoy it.

Such a simple and lovely idea.  At least I think so.  I chose 4 books.  I included a cookbook to keep the culinary theme involved.  I even made book-plates for them all!  I will be releasing them in the sleepy town where I live, San Isidro, Heredia in Costa Rica.  I hope they all find loving homes and travel far.  Today, March 21 is the official date for this year’s worldwide book release, but you can do it any day.

“You cannot open a book without learning something.” -Confucius

Happy Book Hunting!


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