22 Days Until My Fate Is Sealed

So in case you missed it…a couple weeks back I entered a competition.  To avoid going mental I have refrained from checking my vote tally and that of the other contestants.  Sure when I first entered I spent a week checking constantly only to realize something I already knew… in the world of social media, I am a minnow.  I have decided can live with that for now and I just hope it does not count against me in the competition.

There are 7 days left for voting and submissions to be accepted.  When I entered the Biggest, Baddest, Bucket List contest there were under 100 contestants and now there are almost 570!  I have been hustling for votes even though I have not posted about it.  New students I have acquired have been properly vote harassed, my younger sisters nicely bribed to help and my colleagues have been annoyed to no end.  Thanks to all the support I have 179 votes (I checked just for your guys’ benefit).

To bring you all up to speed 10 finalists will be announced on April 15th; 5 chosen by most amount of social media votes and 5 chosen by a judging panel.  The top 10 will be flown to London for a whirlwind week of activities and meetings where they will strut their stuff.  Then a little over a month later a winner will be announced and their lives will change drastically.  I cannot begin to imagine how visiting 24 countries, experiencing that many different cultures, tasting such a variety of cuisines and absorbing all the uniqueness in each place would enrich someone’s life.  Plus the opportunity to share all of that with the world… simply incredible.

Needless to say I want to win.  Also needless to say I have daydreamed about the places I would love to visit… I could explore the Puzzling World of Wanaka, New Zealand, drink my way around the artisan beer scene in the Czech Republic and partake in Diwali festivities in India… just to name a few…  So thank you to all those who have voted me, it truly makes me feel special.  I leave you with my first attempt at animated movies and hope you newcomers will vote for me or come back to read something new down the road.

Until next time…


5 responses to “22 Days Until My Fate Is Sealed

  1. Good luck! I hope you make it to New Zealand in your travels when you win 🙂

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