Mission Europe 2: Back on Track

I have deviated from my Mission Europe updates a bit over the last few posts.  There have been a few pieces written about local festivals, the competition I entered and even a blogging event submission.  A few weeks ago in an attempt to pick up where I left off, I paid tribute to a person from the Salone del Gusto festival who I thought deserved a hearty congratulations.  That post wrapped up the last of my Slow Food festival experiences from 2012.

Now I would like to segue to a new part of the trip I made last year.  I was incredibly flattered to have a new reader by the name of Beth Ruiz and touched by her sponsorship which was escorted by a lovely birthday card.  Beth singlehandedly made it possible for me to travel to Barcelona in Catalunya and complete an internship at a Michelin starred restaurant named Els Casals.  My gratitude goes beyond words.

The experience was enlightening and I have already been able to apply many of the things I learned not only to my everyday life and my career but also I have been able to share my knowledge with my colleagues so that they can also learn and grow.  Beth has served as a stone in a lake and the ripples are still flowing, finding new people to touch and skills to enhance.

Some of you may remember that I had mentioned having obtained permission to conduct interviews and photo shoots at 3 Michelin star restaurants…  This number actually spiked right before I departed and reached a total of 6, but sadly most of the chefs or restaurants had to later decline due to scheduling conflicts.  Such is the life of Michelin stars I suppose.

 On the bright side I have tons of stuff to share about Els Casals and the man behind it, Oriol Rovira, as well as his amazing team.  I am also excited to share with ya’ll my dining experience at a Michelin restaurant I was invited to dine at in Turin, Dolce Stil Novo.  So consider this a quick introduction for the next few posts and a tactic to put us back on track with Mission Europe updates.  Thanks for stopping by.

Stay tuned…

Visiting the famous Boqueria marketin Barcelona.

Visiting the famous Boqueria marketin Barcelona.


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