The 108 Year Old Breakfast

GE8This month’s edition of Our Growing Edge is hosted by Stacy at Veggie Mama, a vegetarian I believe I would get along with quite well.  Instead of cooking this month, I decided to share my experience out on the town one morning eating someone else’s food.

It was just one of those Sundays where you wake up reluctant to get anything productive done.  I  woke up early, decided I was not in the mood to tackle computer work and remembered it was the 108th year anniversary of the quaint little town I live in, San Isidro.  Time to try something new for a Sunday.

I packed my camera and my usual morning appetite and headed to town.  I strolled along the familiar streets past the standard catholic church and green field that is common in all Costa Rican towns.  I found a table at a local restaurant where the food is as old school as it gets.

This place makes the best chorreadas I have ever tasted.  Only one woman on the staff makes them, so if she is not in,  you are out of luck.  Chorreadas are like a corn pancake/tortilla.  Modern versions use flour and cornmeal.  This lady grates fresh corn right after receiving your order, she inquires as to whether you are in the mood for a sweet or savory version, whips it up sans flour and asks if you are interested in a side order of sour cream.

I ordered cafe con leche, ripe plantains and a chorreada on the sweet side to switch it up a bit.  It was delicious.  After leaving a thank you note in the notebook they pass around for customers to fill out, I walked back out into the midmorning sun.  I ran into a puppeteer with a fantoccino that I am pretty sure was Pinocchio’s fourth cousin on his latin great-grandmothers side.

I ambled near the snow cone cart and decided to forgo the icy summer treat and instead walked around the farmer’s market, a personal favorite activity.  I shelled out a dollar for a cup of freshly pressed orange juice, sipped the tartly sweet liquid gold and headed home.

Happy Anniversary San Isidro and Happy Edge Growing to all my readers.

2 responses to “The 108 Year Old Breakfast

  1. We would totally get along well!

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