Kitchen Hack: Iced Coffee

Let’s take your coffee to a whole new level.  I am sure many of you have experienced attempting to make a cold coffee beverage at home.  Generally speaking there are two options: Blend the coffee with whatever other ingredients you want to add with a substantial amount of ice or pour the coffee concoction over cubes.  Whatever your preference this kitchen hack will make both methods 10 times more flavorful, guaranteed!

Hack #2: Iced Coffee 2.0

Use leftover coffee (or brew some specifically for this purpose) to make ice cubes.  Then use the ice cubes whenever you get the craving for a joe-on-ice.

If you are true java fan, go the extra mile and cold brew your coffee.  Not all coffee is created equal, this method best suits less acidic varieties and tends to bring out the natural sweetness of the bean.  If you want to try some at-home cold brewing here are some basic instructions:

Place 90 – 125g of medium to espresso roast coffee grounds in a sealable container/pitcher.  The coarser the grind of the beans, the clearer the final product will be.  Pour in 500ml of room temperature or cold water.  Close the container and let the coffee steep for a minimum of 8 hours in the refrigerator or in a cool place in your kitchen.  Once the time has elapsed, filter the coffee using a cheesecloth, muslin bag, french press or coffee filter lined sieve.  The final product is a coffee concentrate than can be used as is or in a 1:1 or 1:2 (coffee:water) ratio.

It is extremely important to filter the coffee and finely as possible.  I recommend testing the coffee at 8 hours, 12 hours, 16 hours and 24 hours to get a full idea of the flavor profile that can develop.  I hope you will upgrade your coffee and let me know all about it.

Until next time…

Iced coffee, the right way.

Iced coffee, the right way.


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