Tasty Expectations

I have a box of certain ingredients I have acquired while traveling, bought when perusing ethnic stores or had sent to me in the mail.  The box is close and dear to my heart.  I have an idea of what I want to do with each item, but I generally get sidetracked or busy with work and the things stay in the box.  One of my recent resolutions is to use up the box… still working on finding the right time, place and crowd.

A few weeks ago I decided to take care of two items: a juniper ale and a jumbo green apple gummy bear.  The experience of both is what I am submitting as my contribution to Our Growing Edge this month.  This month is hosted by Kindra from California Cavegirl Kindra, a strong supporter of local farmers and an at-home culinary creator.


A while back a local brewery manager gifted me a Rouge juniper pale ale.  I may not have mentioned before that I love gin.  I am partial to the juniper heavy varieties.  When I received the beer I was excited, imagining what it would taste like.  I kept it in a cool dark place for about 7 months, until I remembered it was there and decided it was a nice afternoon for a cold brew.

I must say the ale was good, but not what I expected.  I was a little disappointed with the beer if I am being completely honest.  The description Rouge has about their juniper pale ale is: “A pale ale, saffron in color with a smooth malt balance, floral aroma with a dry spicy finish from whole juniper berries.”

I thought the ale was more on the golden side than saffron color.  It was well-balanced and I agree with the floral notes found in the aroma.  Personally the juniper finish, lacked juniper.  It was too subtle.  I had imagined it would be a perfect cross between gin and beer and it wasn’t.  Had I not read the label, the juniper would have been a tough note to pick up on.  It was interesting, but after a 7 month wait it did not live up to expectations.  Suffice to say, I was glad it was a gift and not a purchase.

As for the jumbo gummy bear… AWESOME.  I also received the bear as a gift.  It sat on my bedside table for weeks that turned into months.  My little sisters would inquire when I was going to eat it, if I would be willing to let them each have a bite or if perhaps I would share an ear or leg with them….I finally broke down and decided to share my gummy experience with them.  I got out a knife and plate and set about dissecting the unsuspecting bear.  I took a steak knife and some hands-on twisting technique, but we finally portioned it out.

The gummy bear was deliciously apple flavored, the kind that tastes like real apples, not sickeningly artificially sweet.  It was insanely sticky once we cut into it.  And it was incredibly heavy, weighing 350g (over 12oz)!!!  It was well worth the wait and brought out my gummy bear obsessed self (they are my all time favorite candy).  It was hard to eat because of the sheer size, I still have a large piece stowed away.  Every bite was worth the sticky apple flavored effort.

I am sure some of you have things you have built anticipation for… a special restaurant or a particular recipe…  Let me know if your expectations were met.

Happy Edge Growing!  Until next time…


One response to “Tasty Expectations

  1. That’s a mighty gummy bear!

    It’s funny, this post is about beer and bear. Thanks for submitting your new taste sensations to Our Growing Edge this month.

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