Kitchen Hack: A Bug Free Pantry

Have you ever pulled out a container of rice or a tub of flour only to find that it has little critters in it?  I have a natural solution to that!

Hack #14: Natural Bug Repellent

Avoid the creepy crawlies that seek shelter in you flours and rice. Place a few bay leaves in the containers where you store these ingredients, seeing as bay leaf has natural bug repelling qualities.

Stay bug free!


Bay leaves keep the bugs out of your pantry!


3 responses to “Kitchen Hack: A Bug Free Pantry

  1. Oooh…nice tip! I found a couple of bugs today while sifting, so I will do this trick right now.

  2. I keep mine in rhe refrigerator and never have bugs. I would think the flour, etc, would pick up the taste of the bay leaf.

  3. You can also stick the flour, rice, etc. in the freezer for a few days before you open it. That will kill any weevil eggs.

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