Italy Game Plan

So this trip will be a bit shorter than the others I have taken, unless something changes from now until then.  Festival dates are from October 23 – 27.  I am very excited about the new changes and as always thrilled to continue my love affair with Italy.

I have made my class list based on first, second and third choices.  Now I will begin the process of booking the classes and keeping my fingers crossed on the first choices staying available.  I am going to provide a breakdown of what I will be doing at the upcoming Salone del Gusto for those of you who want to keep tabs and those considering sponsorship:

Salone del Gusto Summary

  • Amount of products/exhibitors to be seen:  268 (and growing)
  • Classes I intend to take: 19
  • Average class cost: $30

Chefs and Professionals
Looking forward to new classes with individuals I have already learned from.  Drawn to these people not only for their expertise and knowledge but also their personality and style:

Eager to see what new ideas and information these professionals will have to share:

  • Graziano Monogrammi
  • Michele Di Carlo
  • Gilberto Venturini
  • Dom Costa
  • Fulvio Piccinino
  • Gunjan Goela
  • Massimo Spigaroli
  • Christian and Manuel Costardi
  • Luigi Taglienti
  • Tommaso Cecca
  • Simone Maci
  • Pier Giorgio Parini

Class Topics
Some of the topics I hope to learn about in the classes I will take at the festival:

  • Street Food
  • Mixology
  • German Pastry
  • Japanese Teas
  • Ethiopian Coffee, Cuisine and Culture
  • Italian Cured Meats
  • Doughs and Pastas

Total cost for attending festival: approximately $750
Approximate Education Trip Costs
Duration 10 days

  • International Flight: $1200
  • Ground Travel: $100
  • Salone del Gusto: $670
  • Meals: $500

GRAND TOTAL: $2470 *I am working on ways to spend less 🙂


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