Milking It

My recent lapse in blogging is due to the fact that I have moved to the middle east for a temporary job interest; to Abu Dhabi to be exact.  I have been here 2 weeks and am beginning to get my bearings.  My lifestyle will be undergoing some changes and therefore so will my blog.  As always I want my readers to be a part of my adventures.

I will continue to write about where my culinary explorations take me.  I will be adding some articles to round out my latest Hawaiian journey.  So stay tuned for those.  I have ended my kitchen hack series with a bang.  I was included in an article in online people magazine!  I hope all the tips I have shared manage to help you all think differently in your own kitchens.

I am still going to Turin in October and will be writing more about that soon.  All of my classes are booked, I think I have a place to stay and I am now working on flight plans and other details.  As always if you would like to sponsor my endeavors, just let me know and I can talk to you about it.  Please look back at my past trips and believe me, I always strive to learn more than the last time and  share it with anyone who wants to hear about it.

Our Growing EdgeAs a warning many of the contributions I make over the next few months to Our Growing Edge will mostly revolve around new ingredients I encounter, restaurants I visit or hopefully new in-field experience I acquire.  On that note, I would like to submit my addition to this month’s collection hosted by Lindsey, a young New York mother who is all about F-words… “family, fitness, and food”.  Sneaks and Sweets, her blog, manages to combine all 3!

On day 3 of being in the middle east, my boss/guide took me to a royal palace hotel for coffee. As soon as I read Camelccino under the specialty coffees, all bets were off.  So you may be wondering if a simple coffee is big enough of an experience to share on Our Growing Edge…  I believe so.  This particular cappuccino was a medium roast espresso with frothed fresh camel milk and drizzled with date syrup.  For those of you unfamiliar with date syrup it is a molasses like substance with a very unique taste.

The camelccino was delightful.  I later purchased just camel milk at the grocery store to try it sans coffee, as I thought the cappuccino was well-balanced but the camel milk was well masked by the espresso.  Camel milk has no particular strong aromas (I thought it might smell similar to goat milk) and its taste was slightly sweeter and richer than cow milk, almost like if you mixed a package of coffee creamer into regular milk.

I loved the use of date syrup and have now decided I want to try a cappuccino drizzled with pomegranate molasses as well, although I may have to make that on my own.  In summary, if you have access to a place that serves or sells camel milk, buy it and try it in something.  It is different enough to be adventurous but not different enough to be off-putting to the less experienced palates.

How do you take your coffee?

Happy Edge Growing!


4 responses to “Milking It

  1. Hello Chandler reporting from Abu Dabi! How exciting and exotic and a camelccino is perfect for Our Growing Edge.

    I would have expected that camel milk taste similar to goats milk too. Surprised that it is mild and sweet. Sounds delicious in fact.

    Is camel milk more popular than cow’s milk there?

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