Just My Cup of Tea

growing edgeOur Growing Edge is a monthly blogging event that gives people who learn and explore new things in the culinary spectrum a forum to share their experiences. Having moved out to open a restaurant in Abu Dhabi, the new things I encounter are many. My kitchen staff is incredibly multicultural with people from Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Morocco and the Philippines. Some of the things I take for granted as parts of everyday life are things unfamiliar to my new crew. Just the other day I had to explain how to make a cup of joe using a coffee machine, the kind people usually have in their home in western cultures.

Corina is this month’s host and her blog Searching for Spice is about as international as cooks are. I thought it would be nice to share a new ritual that has made its way into my work week: Moroccan Tea. I have always wanted to try it and lucky me to have a Moroccan native working for me. Ilias, a.k.a Bogos is a young cook with natural talent and a lovely eagerness to share his culture. I asked him to allow me to record his Moroccan tea making for posterity.

Hope everyone enjoys the video. We enjoyed the tea. The process is quite simple. The tea is first “washed” with hot water, brewed in boiling water and then poured into a teapot with mint and sugar.  Sugar is completely optional and can be adjusted to taste or left out entirely. The mint should be nice and fresh. The process involves some high acrobatic pouring techniques I am a little wary to try but they have a purpose other than showmanship. Pouring the tea multiple times from an altitude cools it and mixes in the sugar.

What new cultures are finding their way into your life?

Until next time…


3 responses to “Just My Cup of Tea

  1. I don’t like normal tea but I do like sweet mint tea and this reminds me of the tea I had on holiday in Tunisia – one of the only teas I have really enjoyed. I love the video.

  2. Thank you for sharing this video. My sister visited Morocco last year and bought me a tea set with silver teapot and 6 beautiful glass cups. I am very grateful she carried them home so carefully! The set is so gorgeous but I haven’t had a chance to use it yet. I actually considered using it for cocktails. I wonder if that is offensive?

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