Italy: Moving Forward

Italy beckons and not a minute too soon.  The air in Abu Dhabi is turning stale and I am going stir crazy.  In ten days I embark on Mission Europe 3, which should more aptly be named: Italy Revisited.  This time around I will only be spending time in Italy; however there is layover involved in Istanbul, Turkey.  More details in a bit.  I have managed to save money, which will allow me to explore and learn more with what I have left over!  It is only proper that I let you all know what the updated game plan is:

Salone del Gusto Summary

  • Amount of products/exhibitors to be seen:  1199
  • Classes booked: 19
  • 5 day pass cost: $38
  • Total class cost: $537

Two of the classes I had originally booked have been replaced by new ones due to the lack of availability of some of the speakers.  While I am disappointed to miss another chance to learn from Simone Carporale, I am sure the new speakers and classes will be equally as interesting and up to the usual Slow Food standards.

  • Gilberto Venturini – Leftover Cooking: The Thousand Uses of Rice was changed for Pietro Parisi – Leftover Cooking: Boccaccielli
  • Simone Carporale – Cocktails and Botanicals was changed for Tony Conigliaro – The Search for New Ingredients and Their Uses

Traveling from Abu Dhabi to Italy has proven to be a fortuitous opportunity.  I will be flying with Turkish Airlines.  The round-trip ticket will cost me substantially less than it would have departing from Costa Rica or Hawaii.  Also Turkish Airlines has a really neat layover service called TourIstanbul.  The service entitles any traveler with a 6 – 24 hour layover to either a free hotel stay or the chance to embark on an awesome cultural tour of the city!  I am very excited to be able to report about this later.

Approximate Education Trip Costs
Duration 8 days

  • International Flight: $511
  • Ground Travel: $100
  • Salone del Gusto: $600
  • Meals: $500
  • Istanbul: FREE


A quick thank you to all my readers for the support and to those who have chosen to sponsor me even in the smallest of ways.  Each gesture is equally appreciated and I am truly grateful and humbled knowing somewhere out there people read these crazy ramblings and want to join me on my journey!

Stay tuned…


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