Brainstorming with Beer

I have been sidetracked with my new carpentry apprenticeship and kitchen experimentations.  I am aware I have neglected the faithful readers I have.  Thank you for sticking around.  I would like to dedicate this post to the Growing Edge of the month hosted by Cynthia from Eat Munch Love.  I hope it teaches all participants a thing or two.  Cynthia is a daytime student in Vancouver and nighttime blogger; she makes me feel ashamed of how little I use social media.  She develops wonderful recipes that are generally fast and simple.  Just to sweeten the deal, her creations are also healthy!

growing edge

I came across a Sriracha Stout from Rouge Ales Brewery on a day of adventure and couldn’t help myself… I had to have it!  I purchased it and kept it chilled until St. Patrick’s Day, which seemed like an appropriate occasion to crack it open.  *cough cough*  Not that a special occasion is ever needed for beer or sriracha.  Before I tell you about my experience with the S.S. let me lay some knowledge on you.  Prepare for a little debunking!

Let’s start with Sriracha!  Keep in mind that is the name of a type of sauce, not a brand.  However if you are like me, there is only one.  It has a green cap and rooster, enough said.  Once made, this sauce is much less spicy than a jalapeno, but still has a lovely amount of heat and garlicky goodness.  The Huy Fong company produces approximately 200 tons a week and their sriracha has even been to space!  What have you done lately?

When you hear stout, what comes to mind?  Dark, strong, heavy?  Dark color and alcohol content have no relation when it comes to beer.  Stout gets its dark tone from roasted malts or grains, not because it has a higher alcohol percentage.  Did you know that Guinness Draught only has one more calorie per ounce than a Miller Lite?  What’s your excuse now?  And just because Guinness is arguably the most famous stout in the world, do not let it fool you, not all stouts are Irish!

In light of the festivities, let me just ruin things for you a bit more.  Everyone, myself included, wearing green, should just stop.  Blue is the actual color that represents Saint Patty!  Green tied the holiday to Irish independence.  As for my readers who enjoy a little folklore, there is no such thing as a female leprechaun.  This does beg the question of how they reproduce.  Nevertheless, before you go chasing your next rainbow, check your facts.  Leprechauns work hard for their gold; wouldn’t you be angry if people constantly conspired to steal it?

Now back to my Sriracha Stout.  The brewers at Rogue are adventurous, they have made many strange concoctions for enthusiasts to try.  They have played with pretzels, peanut butter and even soba noodles!  Did you know they make also soda?!?  I did not.  I will find these sodas; I will drink them and I will write about it.  The stout had a nice creamy texture, smooth and rich.  The sriracha added less of a spice more of a soft warmth.  It is detectable, but sneaks up on you.  However it builds and sticks around.  The combination created a flavor and fragrance that reminded me of dried chilies.  The kind you smell in bins in a real Mexican grocery store.  The kind your tongue can taste through your olfactory senses.

While this is not something I would drink a case of, it was a nice sipping experience.  My mind immediately reviewed stout related dishes in my ‘on-the-spot mental recipe library’ and began to factor in sriracha.  Visions of Guinness braised beef with a thai twist and beer infused marshmallows with a sugary sriracha dusting quickly found themselves filed in my ‘to-try list’.  I recommend all of you sample the beer.  It may not be completely up your alley, but it will most definitely give you new ideas; although that could just be the alcohol.

I enjoyed my beer and hope all my readers enjoy their next one.  From the bottom of my heart I would like to toast to you, whoever you are, wherever you are, reading this.  I am humbled that you choose to read the ramblings of this crazy chef.

Until next time…


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