Craving Turned Picnic Idea

One day I walked into the kitchen and was hit with a craving that I knew I would struggle to satisfy. It dawned on me perhaps that it would be a great topic for Our Growing Edge. Armed with only what I could find in my pantry I set about trying to replicate flavors. I came up with something pretty tasty and I had my post all thought out…that is, until I saw that this month’s theme was PICNIC.

I do hope Maddie from Supper Lovin’, a chef’s wife and lover of affordable but wholesome food, will bear with me. I will walk you through what happened that day in the kitchen and then discuss how I would make it, if I had all the ingredients I wanted and how you can make adjustments for a proper picnic feast!

I was craving sobrasada. I discovered this raw, cured sausage pork during my visit to Catalunya. It is traditionally from the Balearic Islands and is seasoned with paprika, salt and other spices. It has a unique soft, spreadable texture and is often spread on toast and drizzled with honey. During my kitchen search I realized I had a hunger much larger than a piece of toast and some meat could satisfy…so I decided to come up with a dish that would go well with sobrasada.

Do you hear that? That slow, breathy gasp is Catalunya trying to cover their disdain. Sobrasada is rarely ever served other than as I described earlier….most of the time any variation on this tradition is considered blasphemous. The combination of the smoky, paprika laced sausage drizzled with honey is exquisite.

My refrigerator contained Mexican chorizo which I cooked in a skillet and then mashed up with the spatula. I toasted a slice of bread; drizzled it generously with honey. I spread the chorizo on the honey covered bread and then added a layer of baby spinach. Using the juices and oils that run off from chorizo I sautéed some thick sliced Portobello mushroom caps and placed these atop the spinach. The finishing touch was a fried egg; salt, no pepper.

To be frank, it was tasty. To be very frank it would have been amazing with all the right ingredients.   Let me show you how to make the proper adjustments for the optimal dish and/or a picnic special…

growing edgeYou could make this simply with square bread, honey, sausage, spinach, mushrooms and an egg.  However any ingredient upgrades will enhance the dish.  For picnic purposes I would eat this on just sliced, un-toasted bread or pack a small torch to toast the bread on the spot. Just as good cold as it is hot,  for picnics prep can be done in advance, refrigerated and packaged.  Please forgive the terrible photos, the hunger did not allow me to do much styling. Let me know your thoughts if you try this out or pack it for your next outing.

Until next time…


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