Saturday Sips: Welcome

I am very fortunate to have  been asked to work with some incredibly good spirits.  In layman’s terms that means, really nice distillery representatives or owners entrusted me with their booze and want me to create stuff you can make with it.  From whiskey to bourbon to gin to vodka to Italian amaros, I have quite a few inspirational bottles to open.  There will be food recipes as well but the Saturday Sips collection will be dedicated exclusively to cocktails.

I realize all of you may not have the same bottles on your shelf.  I am going to strongly encourage that you buy them and place them up there.  For the time being feel free to use substitutes of your choice; you can even ask me about any modifications you want to make.  I just need my readers to understand that each cocktail was created for the particular spirit it features.  While it can be made with other ones, it tastes perfect with the one I chose.  Not all vodkas are created equal.  Not all whiskeys have the same smoothness.  Catch my drift?

So keep that in mind, let me know what you try out and how it goes.  So if you don’t mind, please join me for a drink…



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