A Humpday Request

Chandler Tomayko here.  You may know me as chef, daughter, friend, blogger, dancer, photographer or my personal favorite, weirdo.  Salone del Gusto is an adventure I embark on every two years to further my education.  During the span of 5 days I take classes, network with industry professionals and increase my cultural exposure.  I request sponsors because they always enhance my trip with support and increased opportunity.  The funds collected are used strictly for trip expenses which include: classes, flights, membership fees and miscellaneous travel expenses (lodging and meals).  I travel hungry.  Hungry for knowledge and novelty.  I strive to stay humble and keep in mind that other than representing myself, I also represent my sponsors.

What I learn, I do not keep to myself, I share.  I pass along techniques to colleagues to help update their knowledge, I exchange information with students so they can grow and I share recipes with friends so they can impress their friends.  If you are one of my outstanding veteran readers, you know that I write articles about the whole experience and each class.  If you are a newbie here, then just wait, awesomeness is on the horizon.   Through my photography and writing I attempt to entertain while also documenting the happenings of my journey.

This year Salone del Gusto is taking the festival outdoors, hence the new mission name: Al Fresco.  The dates have been moved up to September so attendees can enjoy autumn weather.  Places such as Valentino Park, the banks of River Po, Piazza San Carlo, Via Roma and Piazzale Valdo Fusi will be used as stages for the Slow Food movement.  The class roster is now online and available for booking; seminars are usually fully reserved within a month and a half of becoming available.  After reviewing the list, which totaled 136, I narrowed it down to 43 that I am interested in. The next step is to conduct thorough research on the topics and instructors. Stay tuned for final selection choices.

I would be honored and humbled by any sponsorship.  I know that backing does not strictly come in the form of finances, however, if we are being honest, it is the type of support that fuels my education.  You may sponsor me because it is a nice thing to do or because you live vicariously through my travels.  You may even back me because we have met and got along well.  I hope you support me because you believe in the things I do, because you have read about my ongoing project with the International Poor Chef School or at the very least because you want me to help me accomplish bigger and better things.

If you have any questions at all do not hesitate do get in touch.  Feel free to browse through previous missions, feel free to check out older posts regarding Mission Europe 1, Mission Europe 2 or Mission Europe 3.  Thanks for stopping by on Humpday!

Until next time…


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