Cast Your Vote – Mission Al Fresco

Salone del Gusto is always an incredible experience.  Every year copious amounts of people attend classes, sample wines, compare cultural differences and try to make changes in the global food scene.  Past editions of the festival have been hosted in an old Fiat automobile factory; pavilions are filled with international street food, folkloric concerts and a bounty of products to taste.

A lot of changes have been made to the usual model.  For instance, the festival dates have been moved from October to September and much of it will be held outdoors in different locations across the city of Turin.  136 workshops are available; I narrowed the list to 43 I am interested in and have begun researching the different options.

I would like to try something new for Mission Al Fresco and allow my supporters to have some say in a class I book.  I am going to present y’all with two classes that share the same time slot and would love to hear feedback on which one I should enroll in and why.

Option 1
When Food Meets Gin: An exciting adventure through the world of food pairing
Our palates have evolved. Nowadays, we combine apparently unusual ingredients that eventually become familiar. As a result, cooks and barmen are presented with never-ending creative opportunities. Gin Mare, in collaboration with, will take you into a world in which unorthodox ingredients meet science in exciting, previously unimaginable matches.

Option 2
Down Mexico Way: Where beer is slow
Slow Food Mexico developed a food and taste education campaign entitled ‘Slow Beer Mexico.’ Many microbreweries took part with an array of amazing beers made with local ingredients: from amaranth and multi-colored corn to the honey of indigenous stingless bees, pulque yeast and tropical fruit. At this unique workshop you will be tasting the beers and meeting the producers that came out tops in the Slow Beer Mexico 2016 competition.

I am excited to hear the thoughts of my readers.  Which class piques your interest?  Why do you find the topic interesting?  What questions do you have about the topics?  What do you like to drink?  So, dear readers…..Speak and be heard!

I’ll stay tuned!


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