Mission Al Fresco – Class Selection

To prepare for the festival I research all the workshops.  This year there are 136 available.  After that I narrow it down to the topics that interest me the most, this year it was 46 classes.  I then try to choose things that will teach me something entirely new or enhance something I already know.  I also strive to select the most qualified instructors available.  I still have a few slots still open and one or two that I am still debating between.  I would like to share however my first choice classes for the upcoming edition of Salone del Gusto.  Consider this your vicarious taste of the knowledge to come later this year.

– Parmigiano Reggiano Vertical Tasting with Caseificio Santa Rita dairy.  Cheeses matured 24, 36, 48, 60, 72 and 84 months served with a series of equally well-aged wines.
– Turin Vermouths.  History, production methods and tasting led by Elena Delmagno, Mauro Lotti and Walter Gosso.

– Wood*ing, a research laboratory specialized in foraging wild food for human consumption. Valeria Margherita Mosca and her team prepare drinks with flowers, roots, leaves and bark, and other fermented wild plants.
– Ancient varieties of corn still grown in Italy prepared by Beppe Barbero.
– Banyuls and Porto appellations. Vintage from Porto and Rimage from Banyuls, and dry red wines from the Douro and Collioure regions.

– Extreme mountain cooking with Juri Chiotti.
– Traditional lambics. Comparing versions of the genuine article with others that pass themselves off as lambics and gueuzes.
– Sergey and Ivan Berezutskiy instruct on Russian nouvelle cuisine.
– Lorenzo Dabove and beers that have left their stamp on the most important moments of his life.
– Bush tucker, Australia’s earliest indigenous hunter-gatherers. Cooking with kangaroo meat, native herbs, spices, fruit and nut preserves with Dale Tilbrook.

– Martina Caruso shares isolated island cooking methods.
– Sample dishes made using various parts of the agave plant: a soup made with pulque (alcoholic beverage) and agave flowers, rabbit wrapped in agave and a Mexican flan sweetened with agave.
– Chef Arcangelo Dandini, sharing his knowledge of sweetbreads, pajata and other offal.

– Benedictine monks of Kloster Scheyern and Kloster Ettal in Bavaria, of Nursia in Umbria and of Cascinazza in Lombardy, and the Trappist brothers of Tre Fontane in Lazio present their beers.
– Piazza Duomo restaurant in Alba.  Enrico Crippa presents why vegetables should be the showcase of a menu and what he does with his two hectares plus, biodynamically cultivated garden.
– Preservation techniques with confectioner Anna Chiavazzo.  Unusual combinations.  techniques and tastings.
– Tiramisu was born in the 1950s  in four trattorias: Al Vetturino in Pieris (Gorizia), Albergo Roma in Tolmezzo (Udine), Al Camin and Alle Becchierie in Treviso. Original recipe research and tasting by Guido Castagna.

Stay tuned…


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