Mission Al Fresco – Closer Than Ever

I haven’t wanted to waste my readers’ time with the banalities of late.  I have had to wait longer than usual to book flights and classes.  However, slow and steady wins the race…or so the fairytale would have you believe.  I took a second shot at booking classes.  On a whim I checked my top choice that had previously sold out.  I was overjoyed to find the Russian cuisine workshop led by Sergey and Ivan Berezutskiy had new slots open up.

Other classes however had sold out.  Among those no longer available were: Pierpaolo Livorno, Legumes and Olive Oils, Pig from Snout to Tail, Coffee and Chocolate with Lavazza and Guido Gobino and When Food Meets Gin.   The original class list totaled 136 activities.  Imagine my surprise when perusing the new list comprised of 327 events.  New workshops, cultural activities, guided food tours and more rounded out the new selection.

I also booked Toscano Cigars and Italian Grape Ale, When Coffee Meets Cocktails with Dennis Zoppi and Coffee in the kitchen with Andrea Mazza.  For those of you keeping tabs on my budgeting, classes so far have cost me: $327.  I am waiting on a $34 refund for a class I decided to switch for another one.   After working some research magic, I was able to purchase a flight to Europe for under $900, when the original quote was $1450.

New developments also include a side trip to Germany and hopefully Oktoberfest in Munich.  As for pending Salone del Gusto matters, there is an awesome dinner on a tram that goes through the city!  I want to book a spot so badly!  I need to find 2 other slowfood members to join me in the reservation so I can pay the cheaper price.  Calling all members!  Calling all members!  Accepting dinner date applications now!

I will have more to report soon.  Be sure to look me up on Instagram and Twitter where I will also be posting updates.  Sponsorship and donations are still accepted and appreciated on my GoFundMe page.  In other news, new additions are being added to the Saturday Sips collection, so stay tuned!

Until next time!


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