Mission Al Fresco – Italy in Heart and Mind

Progress is being made dear readers!  The planning is nonstop.  The work clock does not cease to tick.  New business cards just arrived in the mail.  I absolutely love the company I used!  Great quality, service, packaging and attention to detail.  Thanks MOO!  Host gifts have been selected.  Western Son Distillery is allowing me to represent their brand during Salone del Gusto and some very fortunate, talented individuals will receive samples.

I will soon publish a full itinerary and class list, so y’all know exactly what to expect.  Highlights include 11 classes (at the moment), a side trip to Germany (optimistically including Oktoberfest), a free hotel stay in Istanbul and a minimum of 6 overdue reunions (hopefully 17).   There are still a lot of inter-country transport details to be worked out and some scheduling needs fine tuning.

I realize the amount of classes this time is substantially lower than usual.  I love the fact that the festival is being taken outdoors in autumn season and spread across the city.  However it creates more of a commute between workshops, hindering the amount of activities I can participate in.  It will prove interesting to see how they spread out the stands and how the new dynamic affects the city itself.

I am still searching for dinner companions and I also have a ticket for sale for the sold out event: The Unexpected History of the Fifth Quarter with Arcangelo Dandini.  I am cooking up some photography projects for Salone del Gusto as well.  I encourage all slow food members worldwide that intend to attend the festival to get in touch with me.  Let’s get to know each other and meet up!  Also the fundraiser is still going and all contributions are appreciated.

I am sure y’all heard about the devastating Earthquake that hit central Italy this week.  I predict it will have an effect on the festival, even if only to create awareness and garner support.  Le italiani sei molto forte!  Italians are a strong people.  They will band together and recover from this the best way they know how; together.  My heart goes out to the people and families that lost loved ones and their homes.  On that note…

Stay tuned…stay safe…and take a moment to appreciate your today.


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