Mission Al Fresco – Unorthodox and Ready

Salone del Gusto this year has already proved to be incredibly different. Other than taking the entire celebration outdoors and spreading it across the city, slowfood has been constantly adding more events to the program.  I should clarify that I’m not complaining. However constant changes make it difficult to plan ahead.  Cancellations are hard to make. All of the available events as usual sound amazing. In June there were only 136 functions.  August saw that number rise to 327.  This week during my final check, the count is now at 453!

The day has arrived.  I leave tomorrow.  The next four weeks will be spent filling my experience bank with all sorts of new stories.  I believe this Eurotrip will prove to be the most unorthodox yet.  It will be my first time in Germany. During my visit I’m hoping to visit the Dachau concentration camp, explore the city of Munich, participate in Oktoberfest and discover new dishes to inspire my ever-growing repertoire.  On the Italian side of things activities will involve cigars, a correctional facility and a behind-the-scenes Michelin restaurant experience.

Thank you to each and every one of the sponsors that have supported me thus far. My dreams are only made bigger (yet more achievable) by your contributions and I strive to do them justice. I am humbled and flattered to have wonderful people encourage me.  The definite icing on my Eurotrip cake was an incredibly thoughtful (meant as an early birthday) gift my boyfriend.  He thought it fitting to give me a wide-angle Canon lens and new camera case to make the photojournalism aspect of this trip much easier and more complete.

The funding campaign will remain open.  I am printed, packed and planned.  Armed with my supplies to be a Western Son Ambassador, my incredible new business cards and my trusty new lens, I am ready for this journey to begin. I’m sure it will be a whirlwind month. I intend to update my Instagram and Twitter accounts throughout my trip, so be sure to check those out.

Stay tuned….and bon voyage to me!


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