Bring on the Booze

I come bearing a peace-offering to my neglected readers.  I have been on the road and holiday engrossed, which has caused my blog updates to fall by the wayside.  This is the part where I will not make promises I cannot fulfill before the new year.  Many changes are on the horizon and I am very excited to share them with y’all in a few weeks.  I will also soon be publishing all the material from the festival.

As for the aforementioned peace-offering…  I would like to include (i.e. invite) y’all to participate in my holiday spirit exchange.  It is rather simple really.  The idea is to create a network of people who enjoy a drink or two and provide an opportunity to add to their festive libations.  I can hear some of you already protesting that Christmas has come and gone.  True, true.  I still propose we keep this going because well….New Years….and well….drinks are good all year-long.

You can live in any country.  The investment is only about $15 and if played right you will get at least 6 bottles in return.  Not a bad deal, if I do say so myself….and I do….say so.  You only need 3 things to be a part of the exchange:

  • A mailing address
  • A network to share information on (blog, email, social media, etc.)
  • $15

Send me a message or comment on this post if you are interested in partaking and I will send you the instructions. I am hoping for a lot of response so I can make a blog (toast) post.

Our Growing Edge


Special note for all the edge growers out there: While this may not be a recipe it is me growing my edge.  I am not generally the type to network on social media or blogs.  But as fellow foodies, I wanted to make sure Rebecca from the Economic Foodie and the rest of y’all were also included and Genie agreed.  Please get in touch and let’s take the edge off together!


2 responses to “Bring on the Booze

  1. Great initiative! Love having a few drinks during the festive season with family and friends!

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