Women. Empowered.

I have been in a weird head space all month.  Just trying to stay on task and feel like I am accomplishing something…anything.  I have had ups and downs.  The downs involved a bottle of wine, some tears, car-yelling sessions and jumping down the odd throat or two.  The ups included bath toys, small personal victories and sunshine.  I kept putting this post off.  I told myself, Chandler, you don’t have a huge following, your words are a mere drop in the internet ocean…but who cares, I’m still doing it and it is hopefully the effort that matters.

As per ushe, we are at that time of the month where I do new things to old things and give them a fancy name.  This Nouveau Prohibition edition focuses on the classic known as El Presidente.  I made it.  I drank it.  It was tasty.  But it felt outdated like many of the men in government offices around the world.  Now, anyone who knows me will tell you, I am as far from political as you can get.  I choose to put my energy into supporting those that can change actual tangible things.  I support forces that inspire bigger things to happen.

That brings me to my take on the classic.  I built this new drink and it made me want to raise my glass and howl at the moon as a boozy, quirky homage to the ladies out there crushing life.  I named this month’s cocktail HBIC…if you are unfamiliar with the terminology, it means Head Bitch In Charge.  I know there is a lot of negative connotation with that word.  Bitch.  However, I have always relished it.  Rather than taking offense in having that word thrown at me, I have throughout my career let my actions be the reason people say things like:

“I wouldn’t mess with that bitch.”

“That bitch is crazy.”

“Watch out for that bitch.”

“I can’t even with this bitch.”

And yes, allow me to clarify, THIS BITCH is crazy.  Crazy because I dream big, drive hard towards my ambitions and you lack the vocabulary to describe traits you lustfully pine after.  Wise it is, not to mess with THIS BITCH.  Blink, please.  I have an appetite for taking the right person down a peg or two and hearing “Please, Miss, may I have some more?”  If you can’t even with THIS BITCH, then as always I challenge you to get on my level.  There is room for like-minds to join at all times.

I may not have the earmarks of success, but I live unapologetically.  A position that money can’t buy and requires more sacrifice than most are willing to give.  So for now, THIS BITCH is going to sip on the revamp of an old stuffy classic and remember that she runs her own show.

I lift a glass today encouraging whoever you are, whatever gender you may identify with and in spite of your circumstances to be the Head Bitch In Charge of your Friday.  Follow that with being the HBIC of August.  Then tell 2020 to suck it and be the HBIC of your version of that as well.  You can read into the strange deep thoughts that my mind swirled around this cocktail or…you could just drink it.


El Presidente

1.5 ounces white rum
.75 ounce dry vermouth
.5 ounce orange curacao
1 dash hibiscus grenadine

Pour all ingredients into a mixing glass.  Fill the mixing glass two-thirds of the way with ice.  Stir with a cocktail spoon for 20 seconds.  Strain into a coupe.   Garnish with an orange peel.

— — —

1.5 ounces sotol (I used Desert Door)
.75 ounce amber vermouth
.25 ounce orange  liqueur
2 barspoons luxardo cherry syrup

Pour all ingredients into a mixing glass.  Fill the mixing glass two-thirds of the way with ice.  Stir with a cocktail spoon for 20 seconds.  Strain into a coupe or over ice or in a tea cup or drink it straight from the mixing glass.   Garnish with whatever you want.

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