About Me

Hello, my name is Chandler Tomayko. I am a 29 year old life-loving, always-laughing, dance-to-my-own-music, likes-trying-new-things and the color green, takes-dark-chocolate-over-white-chocolate-any-day, holiday-loving fool! What you should really know about me is: I am who I am because of my mother, a woman who you would be very lucky to meet. She is the very definition of a loving mother, best friend and strong, inspiring role model. Among the many incredible lessons she taught me, maybe one of the most important is, there is always a way to accomplish your goals, you just have to find that way.

The second thing you should know about me is that I was born to cook. I have come a long way from rolling out pie dough in Mimi’s kitchen. I run my own culinary consulting business, freelance as a photographer, travel to learn and am working on building an empire.  I am a chef with a thirst for knowledge that is insatiable. I constantly buy unfamiliar ingredients or products and mostly learn from trial and error. My favorite tote flaunts a pattern of silver spoons and my rain boots are covered with a citrus fruit slice design.

I love food.  I love culinary arts.  I  love to cook.  There are few things like more than walking into a stainless steel kitchen in my pressed chef coat, black pants and red shoes. But my red shoes are another matter….

6 responses to “About Me

  1. Hello Chandler. Myself Debashis Das presently teaching food production theories in a small institute at India. I have just found your site while browsing, but after going through your details I felt that You are the best suitable person who can help me at my thinking. I have passed a Hotel management degree at india at the year of 2000. and after hotels and restaurants, ffrom past 4+ years I am teaching some studdents. My core subject is Gastronomy/Culinary theories. So far my knowledge, same like other trades, there should be wide advancement in our modern work and studies of Gastronomy. But In our country it is not updated, specially when it comes to theoritical studies. e.g.- at my time there was 2 books in the market for the culinary theories at our india [yr-1999], now at the yr-2010 there are only three books ofthat catagorie. So I am a little bit optimist about the sharing the knowledge about what we are studieing and what you are studieing. Shearing the recipe is moet popular and obvious also, but I will prefer the other sides (theories, study patterns, workshop patterns etc.). I will wait for your reply eagerly. You may mail me also at gastronomic@live.in . In future there will be more ways to connect and if my thinking comes true I would like to add you as a writer for my theory site http://www.gastronomic.tk .
    PLEASE 🙂

  2. hallo chandler,
    i am an italian journalist, and i’d like to be in touch with you for an interview on ‘The Poor Chef School Project’ and your career. if you are interested please contact me, i’ll let you know better what i have in mind.

  3. Hi Chandler, i am developing a new japanese deli, and would like to ask your help in finding a chef that is specialized in making Mochi ice cream. hope you can help with that,

    country UAE – Dubai


    • I have inquired with my Hawaiian colleagues to attempt to find a chef specialized in mochi ice cream. So far, no one knows of anyone. I imagine it will be difficult to find someone who is dedicated only to the making of mochi ice cream. I have sampled mochi from many different companies, the best industrial produced in my personal opinion is Bubbies. You might write their administration representatives to see if they make custom flavors and can ship it to you. On the other hand, I have experimented with a few mochi recipes and own a book dedicated to mochi. If you were interested in developing a recipe that meets your needs we could discuss arrangements. Either way, I wish you luck in finding a product you like. Please let me know if I can be of any further help. I will be in touch if I find someone that specializes in mochi ice cream.

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. Ill be having a little investigative prowl through your blog 🙂

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