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Sweet Piece of Tail

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A woman by the name of Dale Tilbrook has a presence that commands attention and a look about her that hints at many stories that could be told.  She visited us at Salone del Gusto from the southwest part of … Continue reading


Mission Al Fresco – Who Made the List?

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I usually try to do a ‘best 10’ list from the products at the festival.  I did make a list, however, this edition of Salone del Gusto was hard to comb through properly.  Therefore, rather than submit a ‘top 10’ … Continue reading


Mission Al Fresco – Unorthodox and Ready

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Salone del Gusto this year has already proved to be incredibly different. Other than taking the entire celebration outdoors and spreading it across the city, slowfood has been constantly adding more events to the program.  I should clarify that I’m … Continue reading


Mission Al Fresco – Closer Than Ever

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I haven’t wanted to waste my readers’ time with the banalities of late.  I have had to wait longer than usual to book flights and classes.  However, slow and steady wins the race…or so the fairytale would have you believe.  … Continue reading


Mission Al Fresco – Disappointments and Progress

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I have had a few setbacks as of late and have been busy doing damage control to try to stay on track for Italy.  I want to first thank the sponsors who have contributed to my education fund.  I am … Continue reading